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The Liberty Team is remarkable because of its special proficiency in conveyor systems.

The company's three principals have over 60 years of collective experience in conveyor system design, fabrication, assembly and installation.  Their customers have included GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler and numerous other machinery and equipment manufacturers.

pampanerai.me Liberty produces both heavy- and light-duty conveyor components that transport everything from small parts to everything from vehicles and machinery through the manufacturing process, including:

  • Chain monorail conveyors,
  • Power & free conveyors (overhead & inverted),
  • Two strand conveyors,
  • Flat top conveyors, and
  • Lift & transfer devices.

Liberty provides complete component fabrication and assembly with guaranteed industry-leading quality and service.  We build it better!

Telephone:  (810) 877-7117Facsimile:  (810) 424-0951Fabrication headquarters:  2229 West Hill Road, Flint, Michigan  48507

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